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About Us

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Welcome to Pamonim Judaica

We are proud to present you the full embroidery collection of Pamonim Judaica. Each piece has been carefully designed and expertly made of only the highest quality materials and components using the latest means of technology available to ensure a finished product of extreme perfection

Pamonim is a professional factory and manufacturing firm for Embroidered Judaica based solely in Lakewood NJ. Our Staff is made up of many various Artists and Designers working continuously to fulfill their passion to create Holy Judaica items to be used throughout the year. Each piece is a work of art built with soul, based on our deep rooted traditions

Pamonim’s magnificent designer products grace many Shuls around the globe as well as many homes in a wide variety of communities ensuring our tradition is upheld in the most honorable and elegant way

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Meet R' Yoel Weiss

Since R' Yoel was a little child he was always very artistic. As he grew older he created monograms for wedding invitations e.t.c. He later started doing graphics part time while learning in kolel the rest of the day.

After a few years he was hired as a professional designer in a huge Judaica manufacturer in Brooklyn New York.

When R' Yoel moved to Lakewood, it did not take him long to realize that he possessed skills and experience as an original artist and master mantle-maker that no-one else was putting to use.

At the same time he found it ironic that Lakewood, with its many shuls, yeshivas and other mosdos did not have its own mantle-making facilities.

Rabbi Weiss wedded his aptitude to his new community by opening his own factory in Lakewood. In an enterprising initiative, mantles and other Torah accouterments, such as Atzei Chaim Crowns Paroches, tallis bags and the like are now being custom-made and embroidered in his factory, off route 9, and selling his magnificent Torah mantels all over the globe.

Choice and process

There are currently a large – and ever-increasing – number of fabrics and threads being used to make mantles e.t.c.. Although, as previously, velvet is still the Number One choice, present day velvets are smooth, crushed or “antique.” Other fabrics are also finding their niche, including vinyl leather and embossed leather we are also working with Fur, a “newcomer” to the mantle scene. 

With more than four hundred colors to choose from, the variety of threads (silk or metallic) similarly leaves the customer spoiled for choice!

When a prospective customer seeks a mantle, we gauges the taste and inclination of the buyer by showing him some of his designs, which vary from “traditional, to classy, to high-end to modern.” Once he is tuned-in to the direction of the customer, We will then works with him to perfect the design in accordance with his taste.

In general, it takes between four to six weeks to make a mantle from start to finish, although in urgent cases we can make a mantle in a few days. Paroches naturally take longer due to their size and details.

We're constantly updating our website, so do check back with us for new and exciting items!

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